Frequently Asked questions

We've already bought our decorations, can you set them up?

Sorry, but we do not set up any decorations outside of the packages we provide.

Do you offer planning for weddings?

We only offer planning for corporate events but not for weddings.

Do I have to buy a package or can I just hire you guys for various aspects?

We only offer complete concept design services. However we can create you a custom package

How long is my date held after the initial meeting?

Your date will be held on our calendar as a courtesy for 48 hours. Unless retainer deposit it lock in the date is received or a design deposit is made to solidify your design , it will be released to allow others the opportunity to work with us. 

Can you refer vendors?

We have a list of vendors whom we prefer to work with that we can recommend you. However, your venue will also provide a list of vendors they prefer to work with and these vendors may be better equipped to service the area of your event.

What is the difference between wedding planning and coordination?

A wedding planner assists with ALL planning aspects of your wedding. This includes but it not limited to: venue selection, vendor selection, scouting specialty items and vendors, planning and attending fittings and tastings. etc. A wedding coordinator steps in to assist with your wedding 30 days before it starts and at that time begins to assist with planning items that may still be outstanding at that time. They coordinate what has already been planned up to that point with your event. 

What is the communication policy?

For design services: Included in your package you may reach out for assistance during the design phase of your package. Text messaging and emails are allowed, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

For coordination services: Included in your package you may reach out for assistance 30 days before your event date. Text messaging and emails are allowed, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your contract with us within the first 48 hours after it has been signed and receive a 100% refund. All is forfeited thereafter.

What is the policy for making changes?

Changes to overall packages must be finalized up to two weeks after the deep dive meetings.
Packages are set, they cannot be decreased and can only be increased. Customizable items such as special linens,
chair covers, etc. may not be changed. There can be no changes made to the decoration plan at least one month prior to event date. There will be no changes to the decor plan while the decorator is onsite to setup the plan that was worked out during the décor design meetings.

How far out do you allow bookings?

As our dates fill very quickly, we only book up to one year out.

How does the mock up meeting work?

Mock up meetings are held on Thursdays. We will create a guest table design and schedule a video call or text session and allow you to review and make changes. 

Do you decorate kids birthday parties?

We do not offer design services for children's parties at this time

How long are you onsite for coordination services?

We are on site for as long as 10 hours. We will arrive early in regards to the timeline created, as well as stay until the end and complete the walk thru with the venue coordinator to ensure you receive your deposit.

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