Why you Should Host a Holiday Party

Why you Should Host a Holiday Party

November 28, 2018 Blog,Uncategorized

Hosting an employee company event and why many companies need to take the cue.

In business, being able to connect with your employees on an intellectual level is excellent. I mean, if I were starting or running a business, I would want the most qualified minds, Harvard? Had a stint at Wall Street?

Credentials are excellent, can you imagine throwing a work project in the air and having your employees understand all the words that are coming out of your mouth and delivering precisely what you need? I know, money well spent!

Being able to connect with your employees on an intellectual level is great but being able to communicate with your employees on both on an intelligent and empathetic level is best.

It’s basically like this, no matter how smart and professional a person might be at his or her job, and no matter how many times he or she gets the MVP award at the office, no one likes to feel like a tool.

The goal when it comes to an ideal employer-employee relationship is to ensure that your employees are qualified to give their best to move the business forward, but they must provide this best working like full functioning individuals and not robots.

There are so many ways in which an employer or the establishment as a whole can let their employees know that “hey, we see you, we hear you, we appreciate you and you deserve to be treated right, we also see you for the human that you are” and these ways include but are not limited to

Having an end of year party or even a party for varying holidays

Giving bonuses out of the blue

Giving a half day off

A company picnic and the list go on forever.

Letting your employees know that you see them as full-fledged human beings instead of just robots that work the heck out of the intense machinery that is your establishment does quite a number of things for the overall well being of your business, and they include; and oh, let’s take a holiday party for example:

Helps build a family-like relationship at the office

Yes being competitive at the office is excellent for providing innovative results, but when there is an air of belonging and family in the office generally, a lot gets done faster and more effectively. There is a higher level of productivity when there is a combined effort to get the job done instead of trying to outsmart each other. Regular social events like holiday parties and picnics are great to build this kind of relationship between


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