The Event Planner vs. The Event Designer

The Event Planner vs. The Event Designer

November 9, 2018 Blog,Uncategorized

The Event Planner vs. The Event Designer

With all the craziness that comes with pulling off a successful event, it is prevalent for people to confuse an event planner with an event decorator/designer.Now do not get me wrong, both the event planner and event decorators like the rest of the dynamic event puzzle pieces that come together in pulling together the perfect event, are very important but their specialties are much defined and nothing alike.

The Event Planner

The event planner in my opinion is the first and highest one up the hierarchy ladder, and the entire event is usually the picture of his or her minds eye. This person draws up the blueprint of how the final event would unfold, and is often one to reach out to all other parties involved including the event decorator. This person is wholly involved in the event structuring and overseeing the process from start to finish. Without the event planner, the whole thing is likely to fall apart because amongst all the other parties involved, he or she is the only one who has all the information governing the event unlike the event designer and the rest, who are only well aware of the parts they have to play in the process of the event, which is usually dependent on their expertise.

The Event Designer/Decorator

The event designer/decorator unlike the event planner, who covers every angle of the event, is strictly responsible for the overall aesthetically pleasing nature of the event venue and the general colorfulness of the event itself. They bring alive the beauty of the event, giving the best of their design and decoration prowess. They are usually responsible for the general colors for the event, tables, lighting, flowers, decor and whatever visually pleasing requirement the event needs to entertain the eyes, stimulate the mind and ultimately leave a lasting impression.

The distinction between an event planner and an event designer is quite clear; the former is tasked with overseeing the whole show while the latter is responsible for proving just the fitting icing for the cake being the event.

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